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How to be the best lover in the world


The most current book about love, relationships and the path of ecstasy.

Author: Toña Wong Chung
Published by: Healing Space

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About the author

Toña Wong Chung has run a practice in healing, holistic coaching and relationship therapy for the last twenty years. Her life has been devoted to following the path of her heart. She guides others in an intriguing and sometimes unconventional manner to do the same. The place in which she does this work she calls Healing Space and says this can be any place where people come together with loving intentions. How to recognize the signs of love in your life is Toña’s specialty. No matter what your situation and no matter how lost you seem to be, there is always a path of love awaiting you. This book helps you to see the path clearly and gives you the courage needed to follow it.


This book is about how to be a good lover; about keeping the adventure alive in Love. What are the conditions to enjoy a higher love? It has nothing to do with sex positions and toys, but with what happens in and around a relationship. When the relationship conditions are good, a deep and satisfying love will also be shared in the bedroom.

Gewicht 312 g
Afmetingen 210 × 135 × 20 mm